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Benchmark Your Current DNS Servers

I came across Google’s Namebench program while researching internet connection slowness and found that I could increase my DNS lookup time by 191%.  This may not work as well for you but it’s worth a try.  I am on a city fiber network (Spanish Fork City Network) that I’m pretty sure is getting too big for it’s servers.  When I typed in www.google.com for example, it would take up to 5 seconds sometimes for the web page to resolve.  After using the recommended DNS IP adresses from namebench the resolve time is under a second.  It recommended using Comcast’s DNS servers.  Learn more at http://code.google.com/p/namebench/

Beat Website Blockers and Firewalls for Surfing at Work or School

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Public IP Basic Info at www.ipinfo.info

This tool checks what security related information is exposed by your web browser to any website that you visit. By accessing this page via an anonymizing proxy or any other internet privacy solution you can judge how effectively your identity is hidden. Items marked with an asterisk *) will most likely be recorded by web servers. In addition to these values, the exact access time, login-name (if you have authenticated) and cookies are also routinely logged.

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