What a great free program. My friend hooked me up with a AVI copy of a very popular movie and the kids wanted to watch it on the big screen and not my little laptop. So I searched and my initial findings were telling me that I would have to convert this massive AVI file to a WMV file to even play it on my XBOX 360. That would have taken hours so I continued on and came across TVersity. Basically its a free home media server that allows you to stream your archived movies, HULU, and many other free streaming services from one of your computers to your PS3, XBOX 360, computers, and mobile devices. You can even stream and share across the internet. I didn’t mention photos yet, and yes it does. So anyway, I downloaded, installed and ran. It has a very easy to use interface on both the PC and XBOX 360 sides. After turning on sharing on my laptop I had to do was go to “Video Library” on the XBOX and it found my laptop and it found the TVersity service. Worked beautifully. Remember that I had an AVI file? TVersity transcodes the file on the fly while it’s playing! How cool is that! I know I’m a geek…

TVersity can be downloaded free at http://tversity.com. Happy sharing!

Here is a promo for it:

Here is a step by step walk through setting it up: